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Project Management & Consulting

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Our clients are the organizations we serve and the people that lead them.

Choosing LINCOLN means gaining an advocate that journeys to new heights with you – we commit to your vision as if it is our own.

Our clients develop programs involving extensive planning, significant investment, and magnified expectations.  We specialize in the management of programs and projects for cultural institutions, healthcare, higher education, as well as public and private sector master plans. LINCOLN is trusted by our clients because we are uniquely qualified to meet the ever-evolving challenges in each of the sectors we serve.


LINCOLN currently serves as a project manager and contracting consultant on a multimillion-dollar five-year museum renovation project. The project includes many technically sophisticated upgrades such as systems renovations and life safety improvements to the museum’s tower galleries. These tower improvements include the installation of new fire stairs, exterior envelope improvements such as replacing the main entrance window wall system and installing new accessible entrances, installation, and activation of gas-fired boilers, and replacing the existing main electrical service equipment.

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LINCOLN’s role has been critical in managing and ensuring overall integration and coordination between the design team and the construction team.   LINCOLN manages the project schedule to ensure it is maintained and accurate.  LINCOLN manages the ongoing construction activity and monitors quality control measures ensuring compliance and recommending solutions to issues.  LINCOLN provides training to the project team and construction contractor to support consistent and accurate project controls are regularly relied upon by the construction contractor, project team, and client for every day and high-stakes informed decision-making.

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LINCOLN provides comprehensive construction management and technical support services, playing a key role as member of an integrated project team.  As a member of this key team, LINCOLN reports directly and regularly to the project owners—the museum’s architecture and engineering department.

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