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Contracting/Acquisitions Services

LINCOLN provides cradle-to-grave contracting and acquisition support services. LINCOLN personnel have over two decades of experience in competitive and sole source Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and non-FAR (e.g., Other Transaction Authority) contract vehicles. 

Culture and Museums

LINCOLN served as a source selection technical evaluator on a multimillion-dollar competitive FAR Part 15 Source Selection for the procurement of construction services.  LINCOLN supported the best-value award and participated in the Government’s defense against an unsustained post-award bid protest in the Government Accountability Office (GAO). 

Culture and Museums

LINCOLN provided contract administration support to Federal Government Contracting Officers to include drafting request for proposals and modifications, analyzing request for equitable adjustments, performing cost and price analysis, and negotiating terms and conditions. 

Culture and Museums

LINCOLN provided a range of Federal Government acquisition assistance to include supporting annual budget reviews by providing Independent Government Estimates. 

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